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Five ‘A MUST’ tips for growing your Social-media

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Spending at least six hours a week to boost your business’s acknowledgement, traffic, and sales with little to no cost. There are nearly 90% marketers who have claimed that with the help of social media they have got the tremendous exposure for their company.


Five ‘A MUST’ tips for growing your Social-media


1. Be consistent.

When it comes to your posts, your message and how frequently you use social media, keep consistency in mind. It is indeed the key to success with any social media campaign. Make a plan for what you’re going to post and how often you’re going to post and stick with it. This should ideally be a few times a day or a week, depending on your goals and your following. You can’t go from posting once a month to a few times a day and then back and expect to have an engaged audience.


2. Use all social networks.

You may have a social network that you prefer over others, but it doesn’t mean that all of your followers feel that way. If you want to be successful with social media, then you need to post across all networks. This means having and maintaining an account with all of the big social media sites, including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

3. Communicate in a way that fits in the sub-culture of the platform that you are in..

In another word, format content to optimise for each platform. Maintaining accounts across all of the major social media platforms “doesn’t mean posting the same thing on four different sites every day. It means formatting content specifically meant for each platform. You need photos for Instagram, long posts for LinkedIn, videos and memes for Facebook and short and snappy announcements for Twitter. All of your posts should be different, even if they are delivering the same message.”


4. Push”on those networks that really work well.

Some networks are going to work better for you than others. When you find that network that works for your specific type of business and your particular type of customer, then you need to push on that network and take advantage of the opportunity.


5. Make sure that your content aligns with your message.

When it comes to building a strong social media presence, getting likes and follows is excellent. However, it’s about more than just the number of responses each of your posts get. You may be tempted to deliver a post that gets a lot of attention, but that will do nothing for your brand! If you don’t make sure that the content aligns with your message. Everything needs to fit within your brand identity and promote what it is that you’re trying to say to the world.



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