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Website Design & Development

Create highly dynamic functional Website that convert traffic into sales.

Social Media Marketing

Find the right channel where most of your target buyer spend their time on.

Content Marketing

Video and image based marketing on social media marketing.

PR Management

Increase trust, credibility and social authority of your Brand.

Dynamic Sales Funnel

A sales funnel that adapt the market trends.

Content Creative Package We take video & photo for you and we take care of the editing and the whole strategy.
Competitive 360 Research

Know what's your biggest competitive doing with their marketing and you will have big advantage over them.

90 Days Creative

Get 1 year worth of content strategies and creatives.


Lead Generation Ads

Get high volume of leads from Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Google Ads

Run your ads on where the majority of active buyers are actively searching for your services and products.


Find most valuable keywords and rank the highest on google list in your target area.

Traffic Generation Drive high quality traffic to your website.
A/B Ad Split Testing

Create multiple ad campaigns and find the winning one and eliminate the possibility of burning your cash.

Google Reviews

Encourage active buyers in your market to feel ease to buy from you.

Facebook Reviews

Pull positive feedback from your customer and increase your social proof.

Direct Message Marketing

Present your offers to your target buyers through direct messaging them on social media.


Find Active Buyers

Find where your target buyers spend their time online.

Scientific Product Testing

Know the easiest product /service to market and sale online.

Find A Winning Offer

Get the right tune for offering your product/service in a memorable way and motivate your buyer to take action.

Create Digital Value Offer

Create the most desired info digital Package for your target buyers to download in exchange of their email.

Email Direct Marketing

Communicate and build rapport with your potentail buyers.

Testimonial Campaign

Create video & texts based testimonial from your existing customers/clients.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Identify what your target buyers concerns and find solution that address their concern.

Blogger Outreach Service

Get your oustanding sets of accomplishment and services review by local relevant bloggers.

Infinity Media Services

Website Design & Development

We create dynamic websites that are easy for customers to navigate and find information. The websites we create are accessible whether viewed from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

Social Media Marketing

We offer a comprehensive social media marketing package wherein we handle all of the client’s social media accounts. From creating engaging content to replying to comments, business owners can rest easy knowing that their social channels are in good hands.

Content Marketing

We create content tailored to appeal to the client’s target market. From written words to eye-catching images to professionally edited videos, we can work with the client’s every need.

Public Relations Management

We believe that social media plays a massive role in maintaining a company’s public image. That is why we make sure to provide nothing but the best customer service to our client’s followers.

Dynamic Sales Funnel

We know that there are different ways to generate a sale online. We help companies cover all the bases to generate sales from all fronts.

Our services

Infinity Media Services

Facebook Marketing

  • 2.4 billion user every-month
  • 1.6 billion users visit Facebook daily.
  • Allows you to meet your customer where they are.
  • Build a relationship with your target market on a scale.
  • The majority of consumer discovery of new products is taken place on Facebook.
  • Facebook is the leading social media platform. It reached 60% of internet users.

Why should you use Facebook for your business.

  1. Your audience is on Facebook.
  2. Facebook has a very large consumer’s data.
  3. The precision of Facebook targeting and retargeting ability.
  4. Facebook offers multiple ways to run your ad campaign. Ie, Lead Ad,engagement ad, and dynamic creative ad.
  5. The ad is pretty cheap compare to other platforms. The audience maturity is increasing. Ie, users 65 years or older are the fastest-growing group on Facebook.
  6. Allow you to build a brand organically.
  7. You can build a relationship with your target market on a scale.
  8. You can store & analyse data and monitor it in real-time.

Google Advertising

  • There are 2 trillion Google searches every year. That’s about 5 billion searches every day, 228 million every hour, 63 million every minute, and 3million every second.
  • Google owns more than 90% of worldwide market searches.
  • Google owns Chrome and it controls 64% of the browser market which allows them to get more consumer search data..
  • Google bought the second largest search engine in the world, which is Youtube in 2016.
  • 81% of product purchases are made after it is searched online and the majority of the searches are done on google.
  • With Google Adwords, you can run an ad on both Google & Youtube, two of the biggest search engine in the world.

Why should you use Google Adwords?

  1. Getting results with Google ads is much easier than SEO and 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on Google search results. The best solution for this is Google ad.
  2. Google ad is measurable unlike traditional marketing channels like. newspaper and TV.
  3. You will gain access to your target audience’s search behavior and other powerful insight.
  4. Google has a massive reach and most people who are searching for products and services are mostly in a buying mode.
  5. It normally costs more than Facebook but the quality of the lead and the conversion rate is better.