Omni Channel Marketing

Omni Channel Marketing

In the age of smartphones and broadband internet connection, customers are now used to having a seamless integration between your physical storefront, your online storefront, and your mobile website.

This means that whether they are accessing your online store through their desktop computer or through a mobile app, or they are in your physical store, the experience is the same. It’s a strategy that makes it easy for your customers to reach your brand and makes it a personalised experience.


Infinity Media can help ensure that your business is in the center of these channels and are sending the same message, no matter which channels your customer is in.

The omni channel marketing strategy has been proven effective with increased engagements, higher purchase rates, and higher repeat purchases. By developing a loyal customer base, your company can enjoy steady sales that are resilient in changing economic climate.

Some of the channels we utilise in your marketing strategies are:

We will design a website for your business that functions well and is accessible for your customers whether they are on their computers or on their mobile devices. People now are accessing your website even while on the go, and it’s important that they are able to have the same experience on mobile as they have on their desktop or laptop to avoid user frustration.

Having a mobile app allows your brand to offer more, beyond what is accessible on your website. This also allows you to offer push notifications regarding specials, promos, discounts, and order updates.

Social media has evolved from just sharing news and announcements. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are now being used in providing valuable customer support through chat and direct messages; whether to just answer inquiries about the brands or to resolve technical problems.

A regular email marketing blast allows you to let your customers know about your latest promotions. Not only that, but this also allows you to offer exclusive rewards for subscribers to further entice them to avail of your products or services.

Keep your customers updated even without a data connection. You can broadcast announcements, updates, news, and also offer exclusive discount coupons. This can also be utilised in providing customers with an additional avenue for them to subscribe to your products.

The internet is always changing. We are always on the lookout for the change that is coming, and we’re always prepared to ride the wave.