Marketing Philosophy

Marketing Philosophy

Our Marketing

We believe we can help every business that has a solid service and value to offer to the market. It is our mission to help passionate entrepreneurs and business owners connect with their dream customers.

Successful marketing campaigns demand an understanding of your target audience better than 80% of your competitors. In our experience, business owners that approach marketing with a sales attitude tend to focus only on instant results. This often fails to connect with, or warm, their target audience. It’s like asking a stranger to marry you on when you first meet.

If you fail to understand your target audience’s problems and concerns, you will fail to present the solutions to their problems, due to a lack of understanding the full context. It’s like selling ice-cream in a hot summer at the finish line of a marathon race. You only address one problem, which is the hot temperature, therefore you assume a cold ice-cream is a perfect solutions. However, if there is another person who is selling cold water, he will out sell you every time because he understands the context; marathon runners care about having a healthy diet.


No matter what industry you are in, only 5% of your market are actively searching for your products or services. That means, the other 95% either don’t understand their need, or are not even aware of their need. When you only push for the sales you are only speaking to the 5%, and yet you are missing the other 95% of your market.

Our main objective is to help tap our clients into the 95% of their market. Why?… Simply because that’s where they can really grow exponentially. We help our clients by employing long term strategies so that their potential customers are aware of their online presence way before they are on a buying stage.

By the time they turn into active buyers our client will be the first thing that comes to their mind. Only focusing on 5% of active buyers is what 80% of business owners typically do. It is not a stable methodology for a business.

We highly value first-hand experience. That is why we like to know our client’s perception and experiences with their target audience. We focus on building long term relationships with our clients so that we can establish a platform where we can grow together. We understand our style is not for every business, and not all business owners have the same passion to grow and change.

We first analyse your competitors so we know what we are up against. We don’t always get it right the first time, but we’re quick to adjust. We try out different tactics to see what works best for our client’s customers. That is why we ask questions – to find the answer.

We deliver with engaging content that not only catches the customer’s attention but transforms that into sales. Marketing is in a sense building a relationship with your potential customers on scale. It means that we need to focus on providing meaningful and valuable content to your target audience. Content needs to answers their questions and satisfy their curiosity using the solutions your business provides.

For anyone to success in business we believe they must master the art of delayed gratification. This will translate into you having enough patience and trust in the process of building longterm relationship with your target market. That you will not propose to marry them on first encounter and trust in a power of providing value in a form of free information about your products and services. These are only way to tap into 95% of your market.