ERP Integration

ERP Integration

We believe in being efficient. In our business, we streamline our processes to lessen the time we have to adjust to new systems. That way, new team members can hit the ground running, and we can all focus on designing and developing your digital marketing campaign.

That is what we want for you too. We want you to be comfortable with any technology or system we introduce, so you can easily adapt. We want you to be in the loop, to always have information about our campaign within your reach. We want you to have more time to focus on building your business, as we build your brand in various online channels.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) makes use of a centralised system that integrates all of the different technologies you use for running your business. We know you already have a platform that you are comfortable using and know each function and shortcuts.. We know your worries about adapting to a new system and might not be able to adapt quickly enough without interrupting your workflow.

We know that you have a particular product management software that you prefer. We know you like a particular payment gateway because it offers you the best terms. We know you have an email client that you prefer to use, and we know you use separate customer management software that you have been using for years.

We don’t want to take them away from you. Instead, we can bring them all together into one cohesive system that would enable you to see all aspects of your business in one glance. All the information you need, from inventory levels, product movement, your bestselling products, the customer response to your latest promotions, to staff attendance and performance;, they can all be accessed with just a couple of clicks.