Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

It’s not only technology that keeps changing — it’s also the internet user’s behaviour online. Strategies that used to work before are now obsolete and unprofitable. As a business, we have to constantly be evolving together with technology and customer behaviour to remain on top.

Artificial Intelligence is basically machine learning by analysing the data feed into its system. This allows them to “learn from experience,” meaning they find natural patterns in the data to predict the possible outcomes based on the input.

Machine learning relies heavily on a wealth of data to generate better answers, much like older humans gaining wisdom from a long and eventful life. The more experience one has, the better they are at giving better solutions and outcomes.

The use of artificial intelligence has made its way to marketing and customer service. Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are being utilised to make life easier for users by playing music, providing information, and setting reminders.

Online stores are utilizing AI to upsell related products to their customers based on the items they have viewed in their current and previous visits to the website. This allows stores to offer items that are relevant to each user and gives them a higher chance of making an additional sale.

Infinity Media can help your business with setting up AI technology to be utilised on your website to improve your company’s sales and customer experience.

We will employ AI in making your site rise up the ranks in search engines so that your customers can easily find you. We can employ a content strategy that will keep your customers engaged with your website. We will make sure that they have a seamless experience in using your website. We will assist you in sharing social media content that they resonate with, and spurs them into taking action; whether to buy your product or to share the word about you.